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"How to stop him from straying"


I’m Tanya Sinha . After completing 500 tarot readings..multiple personal development courses and spending hours on journalling, dancing, singing meditation, and yoga. I realized we need other people’s permission on a lot of things.

Thereby hijacking our voice and self-confidence. On the path of following our hearts and voice, fear comes in as an even stronger force. More than that, we don’t permit ourselves to do something we truly want (let alone others stopping us from doing what we want and expressing ourselves fully).


Self-confidence and self-expression are important. When we do not express ourselves, we feel that our own opinion is unimportant and unneeded. We feel that no one is listening to us and you can imagine the impact this has on our self-confidence. Our voice disappears from the crowd which ultimately makes us feel insignificant. 


I have spent the last 10 years cultivating my intuition to laser sharp precision..mastering the tarot cards and finding inner peace and integration within myself .

Reaching a level of fulfilment and maturity way beyond my years by building my spiritual cocoon so the happenings of the world (any world )outside me doesn’t touch my rock solid interior.

Knowing in a crystal clear way (receiving 5th dimensional attunements) that I was ready to serve this world this golden age of abundance and magic that was just springing up around me right at this moment..

I was ready to raise my and this planet’s vibration..by being a dedicated heart centered, enterpreuner and lightworker.

1. The first thing thing that truly helped me see what I was doing with my life and how it was hurting or stagnating my insides was a regular 30 to 40 minute journalling exercise every morning right after waking up.

You might ask what can we write right after waking up??..gibberish…right?.

Its absolutely true you just write whatever comes in your mind .The point is not to take the pen off the paper for the whole length of time. It doesn’t matter if you repeat everything or write curses just keep at this brain cleaning exercise for 40 mins each day..its like brushing the teeth of your mind.

Very soon (within a week or 10 days) you will start seeing and feeling the opening of your throat chakra..where you will be able to articulate yourself more freely precisely and peacefully..Your intuition will jump 10 folds and you will amaze people with your clarity of thought and purpose..

This can also be called automatic writing.

For sure it can also lead to tears and frustrated, angry bouts as the pus of your old life is released..the pain will lead to the clarity and you realise how your life is not serving you or the outside world at all but parasitic shadow based tendencies of copping out or escapism (like an ostrich with its head in the sand).

2. Get involved with yoga and meditation—

I find that people are a lot more open to doing yoga than meditation.Somehow they just don’t get the gist of it..they can listen to lectures and read spiritual books but with meditation it turns out they miss that flight which takes them to that place of peace and self reflection completely..theres a lack of clarity and ambivalence too.

What is meditation?

Its simply watching your thoughts pass by and practising non judgement..(which seems to be the hardest thing to do out of all).

When you can maintain the common thread of your awareness through all the emotions and stories that pop up in your mind when meditating you have essentially won the race and can be called adept at meditating or mindfulness.

Yes like with everything it gets better with practise. However trying to fit in too many techniques.. guided visualisations and goals during meditating takes away the subtle insights and precious ahas.

3. Getting my mind and body into shape

So…what is the issue in walking everyday for 30 mins?…I don’t have a walk buddy..I get strange looks from ppl who I feel are laughing at my weight..I don’t have the right clothes…

Yoga/pilates is too difficult..risky I might get a bad spine.Again don’t have the right clothes and don’t have the patience required to see the results..

Well you just have to choose something that gets your body moving ,shakes up your aura and balances those chakras,,it can be tai chi..dancing meditations by Osho or any spiritual music and free style dance…

4. Connecting with my angel / guides/tarot-

I really recommend guided visualisations for these..there are a number of different meditations provided for this on U tube like “Ask Angels by Melanie”…but only after you are physically ready or detoxed ( taking out your frustration and tension of the day and are at a relaxed stage) by doing any of the above mentioned exercises.

5. Being emotionally independent and a lucid observer of your life-

What happens is once you get in the cycle of journalling, exercising, meditating and connecting with angels and the tarot your horizon will widen and a vast empty landscape fertile with ideas inspiration and joy will appear.

6. You can use this state of wisdom and complete alignment with yourself to serve your society and humanity better,

bring more happiness in your family and create new and wonderful products and offerings.It will be an expansion of your spirit and your spirit will thank you.


I asked Alice what her biggest problem with her boyfriend was and she said the incessant lying and cheating.

She didn’t know what to believe anymore. He had so many stories and that’s why was still with him when I asked why she didn’t leave him..

She had no inner voice..no confidence, an unhealthy lifestyle and constant moving without any clear direction or progress..

She was in a perpetual state of numbness and sleeping through her days…

I asked her what was stopping her right at this moment to start an exercising schedule for herself and she said her boyfriend liked the way she looked now.

I asked her why she was on fast food and she said she couldn’t resist, was addicted to junk food and cooking was anyways too tiring and boring for her..

She couldn’t cook to save her life and was worried her boyfriend would discover…

This is not a judgmental looking down on her pity party story from my side to make all of you and myself feel better.

This is unfortunately the state of more than half of the women on this planet.

I got her out of that state and I can get you out of this state!

We can with the tarot ask questions like

How can we be good partners with one another?

Is your present career path truly desired?

How can your time with your family be healing?

How can I make my post doctoral research in the US work out?

How can we start a fresh relationship?

Why is my boyfriend avoiding me?

Am I oversharing with my boyfriend?

How can I invite more love patience forgiveness in your life?

Are we suffering from a clash of perspectives?

I can keep you accountable and help you toss out ,trash and reject all the stories you kept hearing throughout childhood of serving the patriarchal archetype male and burying your own dreams and desires deep inside for posterity .Where no one could see them not even you.

We can pinpoint the stories of unworthiness you tell yourself till today.

We can see why and where the conflict, self destruction, smoking and alcoholism comes in.

We can overcome those mood swings and feelings of being a loser, not being good enough or shouting matches with your partner.

We can get u to a state of prosperity and abundance mentally physically emotionally inside out.

We can do this together..when you wake up with a smile on your face and can’t wait to serve your friends and clients through the highest best version of yourself.

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