Depression and its causes

Depression if left untreated can manifest into ADHD, Bipolar or Multiple Personality Disorder.

For all its ominous qualities it is far more harmless than the other mental illnesses mentioned above.

Doing things that you like or taking out sadness by doing watching happy things sounds easier than it is when you are spewing venom or crying for no reason and there is nothing that gives u a sense of purpose or joy.

Unresolved depression can manifest as headaches, weight gain,eating issues, fever or chronic tiredness .

Fed up of the same thought repeating themselves again and again? The negativity and the toxicity of the thoughts just shock you.. Could you really be that kind of a person who has such an ugly internal world? 

Such anger loathsome energy and self destruction …where will all this anger go? How to release this vicious ball of energy inside me? How can I be more at ease and peace with myself when I don’t even know what it is that is wrong with me ?

People who suffer from these symptoms should know that unresolved blocked emotions like anger, sadness ,guilt etc can burn a hole in the mental, physical bodies of these victims 

Lack of Serotonin and Dopamine just makes u cranky and pessimistic without even a good reason for it. Its a viscous chemical cycle.

So what can be done to release the these demons of nightmarish feelings?

When we feel so exhausted, insignificant and small infront if the same old thought patterns and negative stories repeating themselves again and again in our heads. They feed on us subconsciously and our  happy ,positive vibes turning the confident joyous grateful us to a snipy angry contorted ball of negativity .

Releasing these energies with talk therapy, dancing or martial arts can really help transmut these lower vibrations and frequencies into bright positive ones. 

Causes of depression- 

 Bad Professional relationships

Bad personal relationships

Bad internal relationship

For a lot of people ignorant about mental illnesses and their mind depression sounds like a luxurious excuse to stop being committed to the work they are doing and giving their 100 percent no matter what .They see such people as weak drama queens..after all if there is no evidence of any disease or malfunction physically what could be so paralysing for the depressed person that they cant get out of bed or stop eating?

According to them it  is just a way of attracting sympathy and attention and being too vulnerable and emotional which seems disgusting and annoying for the ignorant spectator..

They don’t realise the pain they are causing to these victims..their prejudices and judgements  so insensitive and thoughtless.

Regular exercise and avoiding eating too sweet, spicy or oily things can also reduce mood swings of the depressed is scientifically proven that white sugar, coffee and white refined flour cause anxiety and panic attacks in depressed individuals.

Also while taking medication for depression or other mental handicaps it is mandatory to not have alcohol or drugs of any kind . Many people don’t take this seriously or heed this simple advice therefore more complications arise and pain of the depressed individual gets multiplied bringing about hallucinations delusions and panic attacks..

Depression needs to be taken seriously before it transitions into other more serious illnesses like Schizophrenia or Bipolar disorder.

Taking the right medication regularly ,eating properly and going for regular, therapy appointments is absolutely essential for tackling the beast of depression.It helps us understand ourselves better especially in relation to other people..this is where psychologists therapists and counsellors become so important especially because you can’t always find a helpful sympathetic ear with family or friends who are not prepared to have this level of a deep profound discussion with you.

Reason to be grateful appreciating every positive moment of every day helps change our mindset and opens ourselves to receiving blessings and gifts of life.

Writing down what we are thankful for and what we are upset about helps release our aspirations and frustration plus anger about things .

It helps us feel lighter more refreshed and hopeful about our precious lives.

Yoga and dancing can help balance the chakras like nothing else.Chakras can be dimmed  and polluted by energetic debris..they can become small because of ignoring and suppressing those energies and aspects of ourselves.

They can be too open or too closed up making us defensive and reactive or too easily bending towards towards other people’s will and demands.

A healthy balanced and free flowing energy centre or chakra is essential for our well being, balance and for beating depression.

Yoga pranayama help take our energy frequency to a much higher level thus reducing depression and self pity and infusing in ourselves an enthusiasm and excitement for life.

Having someone to talk to is also essential to monitor your thoughts feelings and motivations for feelings of sadness and hopelessness..

So all in all depression is the demon we all can counter and take control of by being open minded positive and dedicated towards removing all its underlying causes..the black dog of depression doesn’t seem so scary .huge and overwhelming anymore.

By taking small baby steps we can manage any problems mater how complicated or elusive it may be.

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