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Today I wanted to discuss what past lives are.

What are past lives?

Past lives are experiences you and your body went through before your birth in this lifetime .

It could have been torturous, a blessing or both but what you should realise is that you carry those impressions, karmic lessons, tendencies ,attraction and repulsions or prejudices from that lifetime to your present one right now.

Why do some of my thought patterns keep repeating over and over again?

Why do I get the same results over and over again in my work or relationships? I  try my hardest  but it’s like swimming upstream there are no results to show for all my blood sweat and tears . ! 

Well with modern psychology you could say the roots of all your neurotic obsessive behaviour lies in your childhood treatment. Either you were precious or went through trauma and were abused.

There are so many things that can influence us as children. Arguments between parents, physically abusive strict unpredictable parent.. Neglectful sadistic parent or jealous complexed parent who either feel above or lower in rank to you. Resentment and competition with their own child. I never got all this love, attention, gifts so why should he or she? She is pampered and spoilt. 

Of course that’s not to say some parents don’t pamper or spoil their children but these different upbringings can create very diff subconscious traits and patterns in different individuals.

All these situations create typical ways of behaving and reacting to whatever circumstances are thrown their way.

Yes the present lifetime contains the subconscious recording of all your past lives and with resources like Past life regression you can go back and see what your experiences issues and learnings were…how you were treated? How  did you treated others.?. Were you an inspiring beacon of light or the black sheep of the family?

Were you punished ,ostracised or celebrated?. Earlier when society had a lot more control over the individual it was the individual rebelling against society.. Or the society threatening the individual.

Now  as we near the Golden Age we are working together for the mutual benefit of both. There is a greater understanding and respect for each.Society and the individual are coming together and collaborating.

So our future lives could be influenced a lot by it… And be very different from the past that we went through probably in Mayan times.. The Indian golden age, Atlantean golden age or the  European dark ages and Renaissance.

You can ask the tarot questions like- “What was your role in the society?” “Did you hold a high position guiding others or serving others is some other way like labour or administration?”

Did you influence other people or get influenced by them? 

Did you have friends or were a hermit like loner?

What were the consequences of such a lifestyle?

Do you exhibit the same tendencies and flaws in your present life today ? Are they a gift or a curse.? If you knew the story of its origin would you be able to deal with your particular behaviour in a better way?

Carl Jung’s entire philosophy was about dealing with the past to understand the present of the patient or client but that was only taken to this lifetime as uptil very recently most westerners believed only in 1 life that is here and now.  No information about where we were before and where we would go next.

This kind of abruptness in one’s attitude showed that people could be tired of their life and viewed their existence as a punishment instead of a gift.

The same lack of connection with the universe may be seen by people who have no belief in God’s existence or his creations like Angels and Spirit guides.

But as the Golden Age starts more and more of them are starting to gravitate towards the metaphysical ,quantum physics,opening their third eye, kundalini and oneness of all with spirituality.

Crystals, rainbows ,Angels,Indigo children, unicorn and dolphins are all becoming the favoured topic of the day…

People are giving up on medication and going for meditation. Yoga and inner peace are the rage. Getting to know you past lives, your angels and guardian angel are a frequent request on psychic hotlines.

The trend of getting to know yourself better before getting to know another is slowly starting  to happen. Self belief, worth and love are gradually being written on their priority list.

It leads to a more committed, authentic way of living… An expansion and raising of your consciousness to embrace more, to receive more. More love, understanding ,community comradeship and leadership .

Are you interested in past lives? If yes what would you like to know… Pls go deeper than just saying was I a doctor? A people’s person? A king ,a warrior etc.?. These are superficial queries compared to what actually happened in your past life and the teachings you got from it.


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