How can you trust/respect him more? Why is he cheating on you?

Why are there communication gaps in your relationship

How can you be more free and authentic with your partner

How can you reduce people interfering in your marriage or relationship? Like exes family members etc?

How can you reduce friction with your partner?

How much do your partner’s opinions and behaviour matter to you?

Feelings, intentions and opinions can change as the future is not set in stone.We can prepare ourselves better for a rough future if we heed the advice of mentors , therapists ,coaches or psychics.

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Let me help you create ease, comfort ,peace and healing in your relationship.

After giving almost 500 tarot card readings I have realised that people most of all want closure and justice in their relationship.

Wheather its a past or a present relationship they want to heal or be at peace and move on with their life steadily with enthusiasm and passion .

There are many things partners in a relationship want .Sometimes it is pleasing their better half more.. Sometimes it’s keeping score ,punishing them for some thing they did or did not do.

Sometimes it a co dependent relationship where they both keep reflecting each other’s shadow sides of fears ( fear of abandonment and betrayal) and prejudices.

Other times it’s letting their egos and Defensiveness run wild… With grudges, mind games, manipulation and resentment to last a lifetime.

We should be able to let go of the past ,get resolution and not let past mistakes dictate our choices in the present moment and future.

How do your partners choices affect you? Is there room for discussion or compromise?

Passive aggression, lack of forgiveness and a tendency to hang on to past thought patterns and subconscious bitterness really paralyse and destroy a relationship.

Being in a relationship is a huge commitment. Some people are not very clear about what their life or soul purpose is with regards to their love relationship or marriage.

Getting clear on that helps immensely in tapping into your inner wisdom common sense and maturity. And supposed blunders in a life long commitment can be rectified and overcome .

Asking the right questions

How can my partner and I invite more love affection and trust in our lives?

How can my partner be more honest and open with me?

How can me and my partner reduce friction with each other?

My partner flirts and eyes other women infront of me. How can I maintain composure and stay calm through this while letting him know at the same time this is unacceptable behaviour.Being  assertive and articulate with your partner

How can I find my life purpose?

What was I in a past life?

How can I let go of grudges and resentments with regards to my present and or past boy / girl friend or life partner?

How can I keep the peace inspite of things going topsy turvy in my life and my partner doing everything to make me crazy?

Join me 4 four enlightening sessions where we will pick your brain and discover what is stopping you from having that ideal relationship

Are financial issues, lack of intimacy and communication gap stopping you?

We can get to the heart of all your questions and move from bottom up… where things can only get better no matter what state your relationship is in

*$400 for outside India

What keeps you awake at night smiling in anticipation and dreaming?

What gets you all flushed and excited as a little child when you think about doing it and sharing it with the rest of the humanity? Something that you can’t wait to share with the world..and proudly show off as your God given gift and talent?

Iam here to tell you you can absolutely do this with my friend!!

You can live the life of your dreams in alignment with your soul and life purpose!!

With these beautifully packaged 4 sessions we will dive deep into your psyche and not take out all the knots and blocks that are stopping you from living that fulfilled life full of sunshine and divine light !

Click below and start seeing the stark difference and contrast in your life from the 1st session itself!

*$400 for outside India

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