Tarot angel cards and the chakras

Easy ways to heal your chakras wth the tarot

Chakras are spinning wheels of energy in a vertical line along our spinal chord that indicate the various levels of our well being or disease

What is the tarot?

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards with a colorful image on one of its sides. After getting energies and psychic connections from angels, spirits, and guides they enlighten your path. Traditionally, clients are known as ‘Querents” who come to the Tarot Reader to find the light in their life.

The first chakra is the base chakra.It represents your home, finances, security health .The tarot can tell you when these things are out of balance with the Pentacles Suit which denotes the Earth signs and then you can take action to nurturing that chakra by exercising or dancing, gardening.. wearing red or black.. and working on your finances .

The next chakra is the sacral chakra which defines your level of self love..and feminity, moon energies,sex,social butterfly syndrome , intuition and addictions to people,things or habits..This can be indicated by the tarot through the Suit of Cups which represents the Water signs and is all about
creativity, intuition dreams and relationships. 

The next chakra is the Solar Plexus which takes care of your ambition, money ,intellect ,action, generosity,sense of individuality and self worth.Diminishing of it leads to depression and a grumpy, miserable attitude.The tarot can indicate issues in this part of your life with the Wands Suit or the suit of fire signs which deals with expression, ambition, enthusiasm, a sunny nature and artistic tendencies.

After that is the heart chakra which signifies love, compassion, relating with others, forgiveness and patience..lack of it can lead to feelings of alienation, aggression, blocked emotions and apathy. 

The tarot can point out issues with your heart by the Swords suit which is about deception, broken hearts ,feeling of imprisonnment, fights ,anxiety and trauma.

Then comes the throat chakra which is about expressing your truth fearlessly and peacefully…the major arcana cards of Wheel of Fortune deals with this vey well..where we get to go with the flow roll with the punches and state our truth assertively and firmly. Then comes the third eye chakra which is related to intuition,duality,universal insight, visions and downloading angelic messages and other higher dimensional frequency information into our mind . In the tarot this could be related to the High Priestess if you are a woman or Hermit if you are a man.

The last chakra deals with universal oneness..union..meditation.Completion, witnessing and observing our life.It is related to the last major arcana card
-The World or the first card of The Fool. 

If according to the tarot you block and overburden yourself to please others your Solar Plexus and Throat chakra may be blocked or diminished.

The tarot can tell you how to solve that problem by listening to your intuition with journaling, nurturing your inner child..going out on a solo adventure or
doing something else that is artistic or creative.Take out time for yourself here.

When compared to the Tarot Angel oracle cards are more positive,soothing healing and empowering and can tell you to dance, do gardening ,paint ,meditate or write as a means to getting out your blocked energy and freeing up your chakras.

Angels work with our chakras too.If you like nature and want to stay healthy it would be nice to get in touch with energy of Archangel Raphael. Archangel Michael cards are for boundaries and self esteem.

Archaeology Metatron cards help generate self love and spiritual power.He can also be helpful in reading the Akashic records.

If I mediate it becomes easy for me to focus on a particular topic after drawing an angel or oracle card .I can ruminate on the deeper meanings of the card the profound message becomes clear.

Weather it’s just a quick pick me up of a have confidence in yourself or you will do well as a self employed person in a spiritual business the cards are easy for even children to understand especially Unicorns and Dolphin orcale
cards by Doreen Virtue.

I recommend playing with children with these cards.It helps them in finding peace and healing within themselves..and the messages are short to the point and so sweet.. there is no bad or wrong card to draw or have.

It reminds us how life can be so easy simple and beautiful if we want it to be.We can steer our way out of complications crisis and arguments.

Do you ever ask yourselfWhat is stopping you from being you at all times?

Past happenings which lead to inferiority or superiority complexes and fears?
of not being good enough or worthy?

Could be past life issues? Childhood abuse or victims of bullying?

A state of numbness because life stopped going your way a long time ago?

Medicine? Smoking?

A disorganised messy financially struggling existence?

Please leave a comment below and let me know what are the blockages you have in expressing yourself fully and how can use angel ,Oracle or Tarot cards to diffuse them?

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