The modern woman and the tarot

Modern women and the tarot

Modern women come after the emancipation,so called  social equality and political power of an older generation of women … they are the children of the baby boomers.

They are more in touch with their subconscious, their rights, their finances  and their voice.

So relationships are breaking up more as the sleeping gender or the fairer sex is waking up.. They find they don’t have to subjugate themselves infront of men anymore. Their needs, desires and aspirations are valid, needed and justified. 

The modern women is a single parent, the survivor of a war torn past and the CEO of a company .

Some people complain that she is too forward , threatening and masculine.Subscribing to the belief that all feminists are lesbians etc. 

The tarot is 350 years older than the modern women.. What role does it play in her life? 

Does it help her see the imbalances, deficiencies and fears in her attitudes and lifestyle? 

Does it pinpoint why she is feeling , thinking and suffering the way she is and what can be the solution? Yes. 

The tarot a collection of 78 colourful cards which seem to speak to you as you look at them.It is a system of prophesy and fortune telling that delves deep into your unconscious and let’s you see the issues swept under the carpet by us and the skeletons in one’s closet.

Also how to release and process them. Not everybody understands and can deal with the directness of the sword like authentic nature of the tarot.. There are many who believe that it is the work of the devil.. Whatever your definition of the devil is.

It is therefore something  accurate and thereby ominous and can’t be controlled by logic or the 5 senses. Which is what sometimes makes it so controversial and profoundly threatening! Exactly like the 21st century modern women, full of paradox and irony. 

She is fearless and needs clear ,to the point answers sugar coating or submissive pathetic excuses for replies. No deception, double standards or pulling  the wool over ones eyes.

As she can sense and smell lies from a mile away.. As the modern woman progresses towards the new millennium she is filled with questions options and choices to decide which road she eventually walks on.

With her head held high and a walk full of promise she pushes aside any thorns and obstacles in her path to meet her glorious destiny.

She is filled with hope faith and optimism.. She will be respected ,honoured and valued which will bring the male and female energies into perfect union just like with the tarot.. Both sides of your brain; your logic and creativity will be stimulated and flow in harmony.

So what are the modern women’s fears anticipations and anxieties?

What will block and suppress her from voicing her opinions?

Is it men or other women? A series of hostile circumstances? Her unconscious prejudices and judgements mocking her and dancing infront of her?  When she feels defeated cheated or let down.. When there is no one to turn to for help,sympathy ,guidance and protection .

The tarot can shine a light towards her soul path or life purpose.. It can make her aware of the pain, sadness and ignorance she is carrying in their life without need or realisation ..

When the burden and pain is released then true healing starts. Our vision become clear and we are recuperated and refreshed.

For women carrying centuries of oppression, ostracisation and trauma in their DNA it can be a huge relief to finally feel understood and resolved in their life with the archetypal images of the tarot.

To have a clear sense of direction and motive ,an enthusiasm and passion towards life she needs to clear  the cobwebs of self destruction and self sabotage out of the way.

As women of today we need to able to claim our individual, unique soul affirming paths, claim our voice and claim our life purpose.

So we can live an authentic genuine light filled existence. So we can inspire our children and future generations to do the same.. Not compromise or make excuses when it comes to your self worth self esteem and inner confidence. To be poised and certain in times of attack and turbulence and 

to have access to our inner compass at all times. 

As women there is a part of us that is very old ancient and profound.. The part of us that carries the messages and records  of our past life experiences in this body and physical world.Across numerous star systems and planets and our time on them. It is a great resource for tapping into our innate wisdom, knowledge, strength and courage.

When she feels despondent, forlorn  rejected and alone.. When mockery and taunts surround her it is difficult to remain centred and at peace.

She loses her way ,she looses track of time wasted on grudges complaints and resentment .

Once you disappear down that dark bottomless Rabbit hole of depression and self doubt it can be challenging to gain control of yourself again and live a joyous life full of gratitude .

Connecting with the  tarot helps you see how your decisions and choices  are affecting your physical emotional and mental health right now and how you could connect in a deeper more fulfilling way with yourself. To be honest  and clear inside out. 

So where does the tarot leave the modern woman? 

It makes her more grateful for all her God given gifts .Makes her more independent, braver more honest and bolder than the generation of women before her.

With this beautiful tool the modern woman can magically elevate herself to the position of High priestess ,Empress or Justice protector in society and be respected, loved and admired for it.

With the tarot as torchbearer thee is nothing that the modern woman can’t accomplish and be proud of. It gives her opportunity to fearlessly spread her wings and soar high and wide. 

The tarot is full of symbolism, paradoxes irony and with it we need to learn to ride the unpredictable waves of life effortlessly and elegantly.

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